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We’re brand & performance marketing experts, experienced in all facets of marketing, communications and building identities – and we’ve been working with businesses – big and small – across Australia since 2008.

We’ll help you increase your exposure, better represent your product or services, and most importantly, grow your revenue, through tailored:
Strategies, Marketing Plans, Brand Development, Design, Communications & PR, Print, Digital & Social, Websites, Events.

By tailoring our approach to your goals, we save you money, and you see better results.

We also provide in-house and mobile agency services throughout Brisbane, and we tailor your marketing support to the channels and tactics that will work for your goals and your industry.

We’re capable & recognised

We’re recognised for our results and our work. When you choose us, you’re in experienced hands.


What makes milk different?

We work WITH you, not FOR you.

It doesn’t matter how or why you need us – a structured retainer, ad hoc services, or freelance support. Either way, what makes what we do different, is that there is no ‘us and them’ mentality.

We’re with you. Like one of your staff.

And when we work with you, we don’t just provide services and sign off at the end of the invoice, we instead put great effort and pride in to getting to know you, your business and your challenges (because we’re interested in what you do!), and then tailor services or make suggestions (even when we don’t have to) to make sure you’re getting the most of your marketing and your brand is as strong as it could possibly be.

And we’re even available when and where you need us to be, after hours, weekends – whatever works for you.
We can also work in-house so you can see us in action, or work remotely, saving you staffing costs and on resources.

If you’ve got a specific need or just want support in one area of marketing, we can take care of it – and we’ll do it well. But what makes us special – and dedicated to our craft – is that we offer holistic marketing services.

We aren’t just facebook marketers, or just content writers, or just event managers, or just website developers – we’re all of it.
We can strategise, do your marketing, organise your printing, manage your website and social media, and write your content for powerful SEO.
That means you get the best ROI you can – because we look at your entire marketing plan and we tailor your marketing efforts to the channels that will work for you and your industry. (For instance, not every business will benefit from Instagram, so we wouldn’t recommend those services to you!)

We’re a specialist team, that offers BIG flexibility.

We use the same detailed & personal approach whether we’re working with a small home based business, or a large multi-million dollar merger on their brand or marketing strategy.

Our approach is thorough, methodical, creative, and most importantly, backed by passion and years of expertise.


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