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Business Cards, Reinvented.

Business cards are a valuable promotion tool. No one serious in business can live without the convenience of having a business card to hand to prospective clients or customers at a moments notice.

Handing out a business ‘card’ is so much easier than writing out all your contact information for a person you’ve just met.

Not only that, with the huge range of finishing options now available at incredibly reasonable prices, cards aren’t limited to gloss or matt laminate on card any more, and the opportunities now exist to really customise your card to reflect your brand and your style of image.

A normal business card only does half the marketing job it could. Think about what you do with the business cards people give you. Often times business cards just sit there, out of view, and probably out of mind. What a waste!

Why not turn your business card into a marketing vehicle by making your business card stand out as a talking point? Does it even have to be card?

Instead of the traditional business card, get your contact information printed on something that people might leave in plain sight or show around – like a promotional product relevant to your business (a small printed tile for a tiler!?); something that will remind them of you and your services or products whenever they look at it.

What about using something like fridge magnets instead of a standard business card? What do people do with fridge magnets? Put them on their refrigerator in their kitchen – a place the family frequents, where they’ll see your contact information (and marketing message) countless times a day!

Message pads, coasters, mouse pads, plastic, frosted cards, letterpress, foiling, laser cutting, metal or wood etched – your choice of business card style as a marketing vehicle is limited only by your imagination. And that’s where we can help.

Remember, most business cards just sit in a drawer, doing nothing until or unless someone bothers to dig them out – the only way they remember your card is if it’s memorable and impressive. And if there’s nothing to remind them of you, and no talking point, why would they bother to dig out your business card? Making it easy for people to remember (and call) you by using a more unique ‘handout’ item as a business card is a smart investment.

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We print 500 business cards from $99, and we also offer a HUGE range of standard options that impress but are cost effective – such as foiling, letterpress, embossing, spot gloss, frosted plastic cards and more!

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