Brand Launches

Change isn’t easy, and neither is working out how to translate your brand in to an experience.

Your brand launch needs to be an experience. A very positive one.


Never has a first impression been more important. Your stakeholders need a positive and consistent message from the second you announce there’s a change coming. Your launch, and the way you go about releasing your new brand, will be what establishes the long lasting (and often emotional) associations and connections (positive or negative) your staff, or clients, or both, develop towards your brand.

A successful and positive launch and rollout, requires consideration of your audience and this often means understanding buy-in, change management and roll-out options related to branding.

Do you soft launch internally to staff first? Should staff be included in the branding process? Do you need a launch event? How do you reflect your brand and it’s messages through an event? What type of event sends the right message? How much involvement should staff have throughout the process? Do we replace collateral and old branding as we get to it or do we do a full launch day one? Sometimes these answers will vary – and we can answer all of these questions for you.

If done right, your clients and staff should become your biggest brand ambassadors – excited, loud about most imprtantly, loyal.

We’ve got experience in change management when it comes to rolling out new brands across organisations – and we’re experienced in project management.
This means we can provide advice on how to navigate brand change within your environment, and even provide planning on rollout schedules and timelines.


Find our more about our event planning services, and let us plan your launch event!

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