Affordable Business Marketing Services

Once your brand is developed, it’s time to market it.

We provide the full range of Marketing Services at cost effective rates:

One off projects, complete outsourced marketing, extra in house department support, growth phase assistance.

Marketing Strategies

If it’s time for a fresh perspective or you’re looking for new opportunities to expand or grow – this is where we can help.

We consult with you to get to know your current position and your challenges, and then craft a marketing strategy with suggestions and new ideasĀ  to help you grow across all of the marketing channels that we determine would benefit you.

What you get:

  • Detailed consultation & analysis of your business
  • A detailed report covering all areas of marketing and what opportunities are available to you
  • Suggestions for ways to market or increase income & customer retention that you can cherry pick for years to come
  • A 12 month step by step plan on where to focus first to get the best results for your budget

Here’s just some of the areas we cover in our marketing strategies.

Brand & Imaging
Social Media
Website & SEO
Lead Generation
Customer Service
Email Marketing
Digital Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Events & Trade Shows
Traditional Marketing
Sponsorships & Partnerships
Markets & Industries

Marketing Plans/ Calendar

If you’ve got a strategy in place, or we’ve just crafted one for you, now is the time to put a 6 or 12 month plan in place to ensure you’re making the most of your opportunities and staying front of mind.

We can put together a detailed and thoroughly considered week to week plan and marketing calendar for you which is easy to follow and implement, so each week you know what needs to be done and what marketing channel you’re focussing on.

We’ve completed plans for many clients in a broad range of industries (everything from private schools, to medical equipment providers and tourism groups) and they’re an invaluable and timeless tool.

You can then complete all of the work in-house or we can provide a regular marketing support person to make sure it’s all done for you at a very reasonable price.

Digital Marketing

It’s a term we hear really often these days. But what does it cover.

We provide digital marketing services to cover social media, posting schedules, social advertising, website analytics, writing and optimising fresh content for your website, search engine optimisation, online ad design, pay-per-click, remarketing campaigns, email marketing, customer surveys and research, blogging, PR and communications, and the list goes on!

We can provide one off support in these areas, or we can tailor a regular contract package to make sure it’s all taken care of regularly for you.

Resource Plans

After you’ve decided on the areas of marketing you’re looking to expand in to, often times you need new resources and graphic elements to support your new marketing initiatives.
We can assess your strategy and then put together a comprehensive list of resources (a to-do list if you will) so you know what you need to spend money or time on in order to make the strategy work.

This could include for example, detailed list of new email marketing templates, or social media materials and graphic elements set up at the right sizes for use on there, or new logo versions if you’re segmenting markets, or ad templates and designs, or new trade show specific marketing materials.

Once you’ve got your resource plan, we can also provide the design (or appropriate) services to fulfil the setup of all your elements.

Social Media

Engagement and fresh regular content is key when it comes to leveraging social media for marketing.

We can provide advice or set you up on the social media channels most relevant to your audience and marketing initiatives – and then provide regular maintenance and management to ensure your audience is regularly engaged and your brand is front of mine.

We can:

  • run social media paid ad campaigns
  • set up remarketing ads
  • write fresh content & posts
  • post regularly for you
  • run competitions
  • engage with your followers
  • monitor reviews & comments
  • help grow your following

We’ve helped clients grow their audience by thousands in just months!

Email Marketing

Have you leveraged the power of email marketing?

Not only is e-marketing cheap and cost effective, it’s targeted and powerful at converting.

Milk can take care of your email marketing by providing and designing email templates, managing your databases, and running regular or one-off campaigns.

We suggest you send regular updates, run relevant promotions, conduct regular surveys and provide new information on products and services – and we can help with all of those things.

Tying in regular email communications with website content marketing and promotions are a great way to boost your marketing performance and start seeing faster results

SEO, Ad Words & Analytics

We can help with:

  • Writing regular content,
  • Adwords account audits
  • Manage your Adwords campaigns
  • Adwords Keyword Suggestions
  • Setting up SEO best practice & meta on your site
  • Provide regular reports on your website and social media traffic and analytics,
  • Audit your site to ensure you’ve got the best optimisation for search engines,
  • Submit your site to Google console and yahoo webmaster
  • Run Ads or PPC campaigns to increase your search rankings
  • Provide reports and suggestions based on your competitors ranking and keywords.

We use state of the art artificial intelligence to optimise AdWords & Lead campaigns across Google, Facebook and Bing. Our system has analysed more than 2 billion dollars of Ad spend and provides regular insights in to your campaigns performance which allows us to work on your campaigns with greater insights that lead to faster results and lower cost per conversion.

Promotional Campaigns

Marketing doesn’t just have to be digital and it doesn’t need to be expensive to be powerful.

Whether it’s a one-off campaign or ongoing exposure, we can help leverage your resources to make sure you’re getting the most for less.

Looking for something outside the box?
We’ve done everything from a renovated vintage caravan for a branded road trip, to leveraging a corporate partnerships big TV giveaways!

Let us take care of your promotional and advertising efforts, by effectively combining online and offline marketing efforts to broaden your reach and get the word out there about your brand!

Event Management

We know how to organise events.
From planning to completion, we’re here to help.

We’ve planned and run:
Brand launches
Trade Shows
Charity fundraisers
Staff functions
Client functions
Building openings
Youth events
Christmas parties
and more!

Traditional Marketing

Print’s not dead!
There’s very little more effective in this digital age than a personalised letter or a vibrant outdoor advertising campaign.

Think everything we considered to be marketing BEFORE the rise of social media and Google – and thats also where we can help.

We’ve run transit campaigns, Scripted and directed Radio & TV commercials, run cross-country multi-location outdoor promotions utilising billboards, roaming ad boards and POI signs – and we’re of course well versed in how to run a mail campaign.

Make sure traditional marketing is on your list. Tied with digital it’s a powerhouse!

Graphic Design

This is where it all started for Milk over 10 years ago.

As highly skilled designers moving out of senior roles and in to the freelance world, we’re proud (and almost bold) to say we’re seriously good when it comes to professional design.

We know how to interpret a brief, and turn words or an idea in to something visually great.

Style guides, brochures, stationery, reports and magazines, presentations, ads, illustrated maps and mockups, sports team wear and everything you would ever need branded – we can help.

Copywriting and Content

Some say we’ve got the gift of the gab.

When it comes to writing and collating information in to something that’s interesting to read, we know what we’re doing.

We can write fresh content for your website, making sure your SEO is on point – compile annual reports and communications pieces – help produce white papers and professional pieces – write Press Releases – and delivery engaging content for social media.

Contract & Freelance Outsourced Marketing

Looking for something a bit more regular?

We get to know you, and help to grow you.

We offer short or long term freelance and contract packages with discounted rates, and we provide all the resources and equipment to make sure all your marketing is taken care of for the smallest cost.
Our contract marketing services can be provided remotely or in-house if you’re in south-east Queensland.

Find out more here or contact us.

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