Project Description

Finney Isles, Marketing Strategy

Brisbane Bar/Nightclub

Comprehensive Brand Analysis, Venue Evaluation & Marketing Strategy


Finney Isles had recently launched and were looking to evaluate what areas of marketing would be most effective to promoting the venue, evaluating any areas of weakness or opportunities for improvement, and put more structure to their marketing efforts to gain more impact.

We created a comprehensive marketing strategy that evaluated all areas of the venue’s marketing and business and provided real time and practical recommendations that could be implemented right away to get their marketing efforts off to a strong start.

This also included a brand survey and development of story behind the Finney Isles venue/physical history from the early 1900’s.

We also consulted with the owners to create a venue evaluation report which addresses areas of improvement for the physical space and guest experience, and provided a 12 month plan for implementation which addressed what area of marketing to focus on over which periods within the 12 months.


Finney Isles