Project Description

Finney Isles

Product Photography Editing/Manipulation


Recently we’ve been working with Finney Isles to develop a new and consistent image style for when they feature their drinks on social media.

The strategy we provided was that the drinks needed to be the hero. No busy backgrounds, no clutter – just feature the drinks in a way that makes the mouth water!
The style also needed to reflect the sophistication and professionalism of their drinks (no $5 cosmo’s here! – only top shelf ingredients!) – and also the pride they take in ever glass they deliver over the bar.

Here are the first round of concepts we provided to hero the drinks and reflect they put in to each high quality cocktail!

We used what were already great high quality  Рin venue Рphotography and simplified the background with a bold blue toned leather texture on a simulated high gloss bench to reflect the tones and textures people see in venue.  Because online and offline experience should always match up!

TIP: Even product shots should be consistent in colouring and styling in order to maintain brand integrity and increase recognition when they’re seen amongst busy social profiles!


Finney Isles