Project Description


Merger & Acquisition Branding, Logo, Brand Strategy & Story, Naming and Launch Website

Premise is the outcome of merger of legacy engineering and environmental firms O2UDP and UDP.

The brand process included consultation with shareholders and executive board to develop the full identity – from name, through to corporate identity design and launch event.
The resulting brand is sophisticated yet diverse in it’s identity to offer flexibility that ensures all service lines and long established teams are represented individually.

Full stages of development included:

Executive consultation and vision alignment
Brand strategy and architecture proposals
Competitor and market analysis
Colour psychology & symbolism
Name development
Brand story telling and messaging
Logo design
Corporate identity design
Style guide creation
Staff welcome promotional materials
Launch website design
Launch event planning

Our lead, Amanda, consulted with the executive team to narrow a brief and ultimately design an identity which symbolises and reflects the values of the leadership and staff – and that is the priority placed on creating ‘Greater Places’ and ‘Exceeding Expectations’, through their range of environmental and engineering services for their clients and for the community.

This brand message is visually told through the ‘greater than symbol’ and the name ‘Premise’ (which speaks of an assumed idea or expectation; or also a place). Therefore creating the collaborative messages of ‘greater places’ and ‘greater than you expect’ through just the basic corporate identity of logo and name when represented together.

Premise was launched in July of 2017 at a breakfast planned and coordinated by our lead Amanda also.





(Formerly – O2UDP, O2 Group, ETS Engineering, O2 Environment & Engineering, O2 Ecology, UDP, FSA, O2 Marine)