Project Description

Redlands College

Rebrand, Logo, Brand Design, Corporate Identity, and Communications Strategy.

Redlands College was looking to increase it’s presence and profile within the local area.
The old brand had been held for nearly 20 years and the design style used on all the marketing was dated, washed out, and didn’t accurately reflect the quality of education and pride the College has in the experience it provides it’s students.

Amanda designed a new logo, along with a new suite of branded materials, style guide, advertising layouts, and corporate materials.

In addition to designing the new identity that has held strong in a locally competitive territory – Amanda designed and established a new digital communications strategy for the college.

This included:
– Online news blog with email subscription feature for parents to receive up to the minute news on topics relevant to their family
– Rolling news screens in college administration
– Auto posting to social media for good news stories and PR opportunities
– Digital newsletters – saving hundreds of hours each year and costly printing
– A iphone and android compatible app which provided up to date news feeds for families, absentee reporting, and enrolment enquiries
– A new website that tied in news feeds and increased enrolment enquiries
– Social media groups for Alumni and families to keep current with college news


Amanda started working with Redlands College when the college was seeking to become recognized more widely in a community it has served for nearly 25 years. Her design portfolio was impressive and she has brought that flair to bare on our public face.

She worked with the existing image, modernising, rationalizing and bringing the disperser parts into unified whole. As well as the visual she has linked the college into a electronic communications style that has meant that the community and alumni have readily available information throughout the range of social media.
P.Dobner, Business Manager, Redlands College


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