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Coronavirus friendly marketing tips to help you get your small business through…

These are tough times. For all of us. Especially if you’re not an ‘essential service’.
But if you’re creative, and think outside the box  – there are ways you can keep going, and come out front of mind as the first choice customers remember when they need you again.

Now is not the time to give up promoting and believing in your business!

Coronavirus Marketing Tips & Strategy -Still Open For Business

Coronavirus Friendly Marketing Tips:

TIP 1:

Make sure you keep your customers up to date on how you’re dealing with Covid-19.

(Procedures, delays, increased capacity etc). This will deliver certainty and trust.

TIP 2:

Social Media is the best way to keep you customers informed.

Regular posting will make sure you stay front of mind and you’re the first they think of when they need your services. Even if it’s nothing to do with usual business! (Eg, How are you passing time in isolation!?)

TIP 3:

Communicating will be key to coming out on top.

Ensuring you keep communicating with your audience, even if you aren’t ‘working’ will be paramount to keeping your credibility and relationships during this time. Ask us for tips on what you can do and how!

TIP 4:

Print, Social, & Email Marketing are low cost and no contact. 

There are still plenty of low cost or no cost ways to promote your services, products or benefits without having to make contact.
We’ve got plenty of low cost options to help you out.

TIP 5:

Go Virtual or Digital.

How can you use your knowledge, experience or product base to go digital and offer services online?
Online consultations, online training or video’s, subscription services, paid publications. The posibilities to keep in business might be endless if you can get creative about how to offer your knowledge!

TIP 6:

Use what you’ve got.

Have you thought about ways you could ‘repurpose’ your resources or skills to help in essential service areas?
From distilleries making alcohol for sanitizer, to 3D printers making ventilators. How can you be nimble?

TIP 7:

No contact structure or discount services. 

How can you adjust what you do to offer no contact? Video consults or meetings? If you’re a trade, what procedures can you put in place to make sure you can still work but not have to make contact with customers? What discounts or deals can you offer to at least ensure some income is coming in? 

TIP 8:

All the things you’ve been ‘meaning to do’.

Like a new website that can generate leads or an online shop for sales. Or maybe an update to your logo and identity. Business will look very different on the other site of this, so now there are more opportunities than every to reinvent how we approach our brands and income generation!
We can help get you ready to take off!

TIP 9:

Use the time wisely to plan.

When the income is rolling in, and you’re busy doing business – it’s easy to miss opportunities, and even waste money in areas that could be better optimised. Having time to work ON the business, not IN it means you can reassess your strategy, spends, and ROI to better suit your goals. Now is the perfect time to look at a detailed marketing strategy to assess what areas will deliver better for you and where there are new opportunities to grow. Think of a runner poised on the starting blocks, with a new focussed direction, ready to leap when it’s time to start again!

Need marketing help to keep you going, but can’t afford it right now?

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We’re introducing low and no-cash ways to help small businesses through these challenging times.

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