Why is data SO important when you’re making changes to your marketing strategy or brand?


Two reasons.

Because data doesn’t lie – it lets you see quickly whether what you’re doing is working; and helps you be agile in making decisions.


Secondly, because change can be tough.

Especially for staff.


When you take a new direction it can be hard for your team to be get on board and support changes if they haven’t been privy to the strategy and reasoning involved before the change.

That alone can cause additional complications that require specific skills in change management.

When your staff aren’t on board – rather than propel your marketing efforts forward – it can actually cause push back and hinder your growth.
For that reason alone, it’s worth keeping a very keen eye on data and analytics in the short term after implementing any significant changes to your brand or marketing.

Not only does it confirm you’re making the right changes when you start see numbers (sales, exposure, engagement etc) going the right way, it gives you facts to support any internal resistance.


TIP!? When change is coming, involve staff at the right times during strategy development so they’re aware of reasoning and more likely to champion change, not hinder it!