Ever wondered why sometimes you’re marketing efforts are going along nicely, delivering results – and then BAM. Nothing. No calls, no leads, ad costs start skyrocketing. It – just – tanks.

Yep, we get ya. It happens all the time. Surely there’s an ancient proverb somewhere about it.

“You who do good marketing, get bad crash” – or something like that.

Either way, the key to successful marketing, so things don’t go ‘stale’ – is to keep things fresh.

Change things up once in a while so people don’t get sick of hearing the same message, in the same places, at the same times.

In the same way no single marketing effort will work for every business – all the time. No single marketing channel will work for every customer – all the time.

Always stick to e-marketing? Swap it out for a traditional mail out.
Always rely on social ads? Give them a short break and hire a billboard instead!