Knowledge is power. And knowledge sells.

With everybody so hungry for information, and access to lots of it -free- at their fingertips (literally) – customers are more likely to buy from someone they feel can ‘prove’ their worth.

Sharing some of your insights, expertise, or wisdom with your customers (or potential customers) for free – is a great way to build up your credibility and profile.

Not only does sharing wisdom help to position you as an expert – it helps to establish trust with your audience as they’ll see you know what you’re talking about!

Stuck for ideas on what to share?
Think about what problems you often solve, or questions you often get from customers, and share the answers before you even get asked!

Quick hint though? Don’t give away everything! Share enough to give some useful information – but don’t give away all of your secrets. After all, you’ve worked hard to learn them! Save that kind of sharing for once you’ve landed the customer.