A brand can be many things.

It can be a corporate identity (think logo and design), an individuals persona (think famous personality or well known ‘expert’), a story (think Avengers), or it can be a mix of all of those things – or none of those things.

Either way, your brand should ‘tell a story’ about you and the message should always be the same.

Everything you say, how you design your brand (down to colour, font and logo shape), the type of ‘voice’ or language you use in communications, the reasoning behind your business name, and your corporate mission statement or credo – all plays a part in creating your unique brand and in establishing the ‘feel’ people get when they interact with your business. And it’s ultimately that ‘feel’ that determines if they like you enough to buy from you.

Ultimately (and this is where it pays to develop a brand strategy and call on someone who knows what they’re doing – like us!) – if any of those elements are just a little bit misaligned – you’ll never be as successful as you have the potential to be, because you’ll always feel just a little bit ‘off’.
You know, we’ve all met those people – and those businesses – where you can’t put your finger on it – or even articulate it – but it just doesn’t ‘feel right’.

That’s the power of brand consistency.
And, that’s the thing about branding – it’s psychological – and it’s unspoken – and it’s subjective – and it’s often intangible.

Thats scary. But the reality is – no one has ever gotten it all completely right (even us! and even some of the worlds biggest identities).
Except, with a well considered brand strategy, you can turn that intangible perception people get about your business in to a fixed and logical criteria to follow in order to get your identity right for your individual business.

What colour to use.
What name to choose.
What brand structure to use.
What shapes to include.
What fonts to avoid, and which ones to look for.
What type of ‘voice’ you should use.
What imagery to use.
What uniforms to wear.
What your stationery should look like.
It all plays a part – and consistency is key!

Talk to us today about how we can help craft your brand strategy!