How good are your images?

An important part of social media marketing and ecommerce that’s often overlooked is product photography.

Especially in hospitality.

We’ve all heard the saying that people eat with their eyes.

With the rise of social media, and the accessibility of exposure to even home made masterchefs, it’s never been more true than now. Ensuring your images stand out amongst the clutter and from your competitors (no matter your industry or your product) should be key to your marketing strategy.

The best way to ensure your photography does the selling for you is to ensure your product shots reflect your brand, your style and the quality of your product. This could be through consistent backgrounds that tie in with your brand or venue or styling, through colourings, filters or even the photography angle.

If your brand is fun, your images should be fun. If you’re more corporate and serious, your images should reflect this too.

To see how this can be done first hand, take a look at our recent work for Finney Isles.


TIP: Even product shots should be consistent in colouring and styling in order to maintain brand integrity and increase recognition when they’re seen amongst busy social profiles!