Rebranding and Refreshing

Time for an update?

Did you know your brand should be reviewed every 5 years?

Often times, brands are refreshed and given a lively update every 5 years and rebranded every 10 years.

A brand refresh means taking a look at your corporate identity and it’s relevance and impact on the market. Is it still relevant? Has it dated? Are you still standing strong amongst your competitors?

Does your logo send the right message? or is it starting to date – showing age or looking outdated?

These are the types of factors considered and addressed when we take you through a brand refresh.

In most cases a refresh can be as minor as a font update, or as involved as a reconfiguration of logo elements.
An update in font or colour can often make a big difference to the appeal of brand. A refresh is a cost effective brand update, and usually only involves minor visual changes to compliment your already existing core brand elements (like your logo).

And a rebrand is often a full new brand development (click here to see brand development) when you believe it’s time for a new image and possibly even a new name.

Why would you need to rebrand?

It could be because your brand is no longer relevant or up to date, you’re going through a merger, or you’ve had some bad PR and need to distance yourself from your current image and put the focus back on your product or service. Take a look here to see the reasons it might be time you rebranded.

Here are some examples of a refresh:

Family Parks logo brand refresh .   Redlands College Brand Update . Swan Hill Holiday Park Logo Update

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